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Sheralee Bottali

Sheralee Bottali

Wool Carpet

Natural wool it’s fairly hardwearing and keeps its looks for years. However, it is more expensive than a wool blend, which uses synthetic fibres to create a more durable product. Unfortunately, not all carpet is environment friendly but there are eco-friendly options. Wool is soft to walk on, comfortable to sit on and comes in a range of colours and patterns.

When it comes to sustainability Rennie Bottali & Sheralee Bottali said wool is the natural choice. Shearing sheep is an essential process for their welfare and this annual shearing provides a continuous supply of wool year after year, making it a totally renewable raw material. Wool is a natural resource spun into a thread that can be dyed any colour imaginable, and then be woven to create a carpet.  It is one of the first materials to be used as a floor covering, is very durable and can last centuries.

Westex Carpets are a UK manufactures of premium carpets for over 35 years, at Westex Carpets 100% natural wool fibre. They are able to match any colour throughout their carpet ranges The wool comes from Great Britain, which has some of the highest quality wool in the world.

A real wool carpet will give a feeling of warmth and comfort to the room buy choosing a neutral colour will not denote gender and a tight pile will give the modern edge Mr and Mrs Reid are looking to achieve.

Bamboo Floor

Sheralee Bottali said a bamboo floor is a type of flooring manufactured from the bamboo plant Bamboo out-performs most hardwood flooring. This extremely durable bamboo flooring is engineered to be stable in variable climates Bamboo is easy to install over existing sub-floors.

Sheralee Bottali said bamboo flooring is one of the hardest natural materials available for flooring and is an excellent alternative to hard wood flooring. The hardness of traditional bamboo flooring ranges from 1180 (carbonized horizontal) to around 1380 (natural), while newer manufacturing techniques including strand woven bamboo flooring range from 3000 to over 5000 using the Janka hardness test. Other flooring materials have comparable Janka ratings, with a higher number indicating a harder material: red oak (1290),white oak (1360),rock maple (1450),hickory (1820),Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba (2350).  Bamboo floors are typically made available in planks with either vertical- or horizontal-grain orientation.

The Bamboo Flooring Company solid wood flooring company offer a wide range of colours available below are only a few.

The Features and benefits of a bamboo flooring:  Sheralee Bottali said this is extremely hard with durable finish, Fast, easy installation, Safe, non-toxic, well as its resistance to insects and moisture and Eco-friendly— sustainably-harvested, plantation-grown and rapidly-renewable. Unlike wood, bamboo is an integrated plant structure; culling the pole does not damage the underlying, living root structure. Bamboo also prevents against soil erosion, assists in carbon sequestration and provides livelihood for rural areas. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that has been used as a construction material for thousands of years. Ecologically, the harvesting of the bamboo does not affect the worlds dwindling timber resources. Bamboo is a natural alternative to traditional hardwood flooring while at the same time doing something good for the environment.

Sheralee Bottali said abamboo floor creates a beautiful sleek finish to a room compliment any interior design. From ultra-contemporary chic through to a more traditional classic style, bamboo flooring will give you a truly unique look this will meet the needs of Mr and Mrs Reid keeping in with the modern feel this floor is not only empathise with that it is also sustainable, easy to maintain and will not denote gender.


Arte Xanadu By Brian Yates

Sheralee Bottali Said a Textural grass wall covering made from natural plant fibres such as Abaca and Sisal, in a range of stunning contemporary colours. This stunning wallpaper is not only a beautiful textured design but is sustainable. This option will give Mr and Mrs Reid the interest in yet a modern contemporary feel within the room; utilising a natural material also gives a warm cosy atmosphere.

Cork Wall Covering

Jelinek Cork Group are one of the largest production and distributors of all cork products. The group specializes and works only with cork – from the forest level to the final product. They also offer to trade.

Cork is an eminently renewable resource, a prime-subset of bark tissue harvested from the living bark of the Cork Oak which is endemic to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. Cork is composed of Suberin, a hydrophobic substance, and because of its impermeable elements, buoyancy, and elasticity and fire retardant; it is used in a variety of products.

Applications involving wall coverings are available in wide varieties of patterns styles and shades, these wall coverings compliment any kind of décor, furniture style, and will add character and warmth to any room. Along with a non-gender specific look.

Sheralee Bottali said the Advantages of using Cork, Anti-allergic, No inorganic compounds, Resistant to heat and chemical Minimal environment impact, Excellent in durability, reduced echo and it is Environment- friendly. Mr and Mrs Reid will have impact and a real talking point with this option.